"Nothing moves forward without a decision."

Marcey Walsh Director of Institute for Pattern Literacy LLC

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Become a true Decision Support Resource for your clients.



Everything Begins with a Decision…When Wishing and Hoping isn’t Enough


Everything Begins with a Decision Cover

This guide to long-term thinking is the definitive resource for professionals struggling to understand clients stuck in a short-term thinking mode. It will have a profound impact on clients and professionals alike.

Using ‘Pictures You Touch’ technology, Everything Begins with a Decision is a great gift for clients, heirs of clients and your own family members who just  need a new way of seeing the value over time of options and choices.

We are all in the decision business!

Some decisions are immediate – buy or sell an asset.
Some decisions are farther out – schedule a retirement; buy a second home, choose a college for a child.

When someone you serve has a decision to make, you can do what most professionals do:

•Stick with left-brain tools of numbers, charts and graphs to provide extra information.

•Give your ‘expert’ opinion.

•Offer a standard three question worksheet to ferret out their ‘best’ decision.

(Result? You unintentionally leave your client with a decision made, but no decision skill learned.)

 That’s a mistake you will both pay for over and over.

The Strategically Brilliant succeed because they:

•See what others do not

•Act before others do

•Create what only they can create

When you help clients build long-term decision making skills to become ‘Strategically Brilliant’ you win twice:

WIN ONCE: Your work with them is more effective.
WIN TWICE: They will thank you for the tools which they and their families will use for the rest of their lives.

They will prefer you and refer you!

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