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Who plans to teach Decision Science???

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Marcey Walsh

At the age of seven I learned a basic human pattern that most don’t people learn until their 40’s or 50’s.
I learned that parents die.

Though I didn’t realize it, October 18, 1961 began my career in reality training. Someone else’s decision set my feet on the path to helping people deal with life as it is, not as they wish it could be.

On that day, a drunk driver plowed into a green Chevy sedan and life in my family changed forever. When my mother was killed, my father was left alone to care for a seven year old – me – and a mentally handicapped twelve year old, my sister. Since then, the long-term implications of decisions made that day have touched thousands.

Over the years, I became regarded as a national expert on kinesthetic presentations that teach complex concepts. I trained thousands of teachers to present in a way that would reach all of their learners. Their presentations hooked into so many of their students’ mental loops that their messages were clear and easy to remember.

But, as I watched the headlines of families being destroyed by disastrous decisions, there was always a nagging feeling that more important lessons were being overlooked. Most of the stories could have been headlined… “SHORT-TERM DECISION GOES WRONG AND RUINS ANOTHER LIFE!”

As the new field called decision science developed, I refocused my methods to help the health and wellness industry communicate vital information and create behavior change in their work with obesity, diabetes and chronic diseases. Therapists and counselors use our interactive decision support tools with clients struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

I trained dietitians and health care professionals at  universities in the Tampa area and developed  ‘A Different Way of Seeing’ modules and Certification Program

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Marcey Walsh

Our tag-line is “Everything begins with a decision.”  and we specialize in teaching professionals how to engage and support clients who are in the process of making high impact decisions. Financial advisors and medical clinicians report greater success, longer client retention and better referrals when they facilitate the client shift to a long-term thinking mode.

As an advisor in Detroit, MI said, “This will apply to every part of my client’s life. Heck, it will apply to every part of MY life!”

We always knew that this work would change a generation. Each financial advisor, counselor and health care professional teaches hundreds of families and, gratefully, we are watching that dream come true.

Training modules range from one hour interactive presentations to full-day sessions and our three day in-depth training in Tampa.  Highly interactive Webex training also available. Contact us to secure a date for your event.

My thanks to each and every one of you who help families live longer, healthier and more financially stable lives!

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