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We always knew that this work would change a generation. Each advisor, counselor and health care professional teaches hundreds of families decision making skills and then they pass it on.
Gratefully, we are watching that dream come true.

~Marcey Walsh


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Deep Survival – Who Lives, Who Dies and Why.
by Laurence Gonzales

To understand how to survive every day, check out the mental processes of those who survived while those around them perished. I can’t overstate the life lessons learned and the brain function explained by this book.

Psychological distance between now and later:


securedownloadThe average brain is made of more than 30 billion brain cells (neurons), each of which has between 100 and 1000 tentacle like arms called dendrites. Each dendrite is tipped with between 100 and 1000 tiny dendritic spines which reach out and stimulate the dendrites of the neuron next to it with a tiny jolt of electricity call a synapse. Your brain has more than 100,000 synapses each SECOND. Each one of those electrical impulses is a thought!

In other words, you are brilliant (and so is everyone else).To get ahead and stay ahead in today’s competitive world, becoming strategically brilliant is the key…recognize patterns and use them to leap beyond the rest.