The ‘Ah-ha’s Have It!

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Ever stop dead in your tracks and feel as if you have been hit by a bolt of lightning? That happened for actress Glenn Close when she suddenly realized the power that words such as Bi-Polar and Schizophrenic had over her and over our culture in general. Having family members suffering from these diseases, she used the awareness from that Ah-ha moment to begin to speak out in the media to de-stigmatize these mental illnesses and bring new light to treatment options and social acceptance.

The world is changing because of her new insight. Here’s the first of many Public Service Announcements to help raise awareness about the impact of mental illness in our families and communities. This one was directed by Ron Howard:

How do these ‘strokes of genius’ happen?

Perhaps you encounter a familiar bit of trivia in a totally new environment or are reminded of a common pattern that suddenly appears in an uncommon place. However it happens, when your brain makes a synaptic connection between two patterns or pieces of information for the very first time you experience a hair on the back of your neck raising movement of insight. Ah-Ha!

Meditation experts call this a moment of enlightenment. Therapists call it a breakthrough. I call it an Ah-ha.’ And Ah-Ha’s happen to everyone every day. Thoughtful people save these mind changing insights by making a note, sending a text or somehow recording the Ah-ha before it disappears under an avalanche of the next onslaught of media and information to, possibly, disappear forever. Then that Ah-ha has an opportunity to radically change behavior.

If your livelihood depends on creativity, Ah-Ha’s are money in the bank. Multiply your Ah-Ha occurrences by seeking out new situations and new people. parental blocker Make your brain process usual information in unusual ways and then sit back and enjoy (and RECORD) what bubbles to the surface of your mind. Record ideas in unusual ways – in crayon, on your car window with a dry erase marker, or by writing in the sand.

We tend to keep our ‘Ah-ha’s to our self and then no one else benefits. You may not have access to Hollywood media like Glenn Close does, but you can make a difference in the lives of those around you. google cloud . Everything begins with a decision. Decide to give your ah-has a bigger purpose by sharing!


  1. Hi, I just ran across your website via Bing. Your post is truly applicable to my life right now, and I’m really happy I discovered your website.

    • Glad you found it helpful…the world needs your ah-has!

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